Moveable Estates

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Moveable Estates is a 30-min audio walk starting here.

The North Sea has deposited, transported and eroded the sand that defines the zone of the East Anglian coast for millennia. More recently, these movements have been magnified in a series of events from the 1953 North Sea Flood to the 2018 ‘Beast from the East’. Rising sea-levels, recurrence of severe storms, and the construction industry increasingly dredging the offshore seabed for sands, keep shifting tidal flows and increase the chance of cliff landslides due to the crashing of waves on weakened ground. City walls and military bunkers lie parallel to flood defences, ‘wars’ are fought against ‘eviction’ by the new coastal enemy. They sit between homes whose “priceless” coastal views have dissolved their monetary value and insurability. Moveable Estates invites listeners to think about the future role of cities in envisioning such fluctuating horizons.

Moveable Estates is a project by Cooking Sections commissioned by New Geographies in 2020, developed as one of 10 site-specific commissions in East Anglia. The project was developed in partnership with East GalleryNUA.

Cooking Sections: Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe
Team: Charlotte Grace, Matthew Darmour-Paul
Web design: An Endless Supply
Voice: Gemma Brockis
Text Editing: Jesse Connuck
Sound: Oliver Payne
Curator, East GalleryNUA: Claire Allerton
Project Assistant, East GalleryNUA: Elizabeth Ballard

Special thanks to: AKT II, Kaavous Clayton, Rory Cleary, Kellie Fisher, Amanda Geitner, Alan Hodds, Matt Nightingale, and David Stannard


for offline devices download the file here